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San tribe cave art

 australian aboriginal rock art

Look closely into this group of hands and you see a sail boat pulled up to a pathway and there is a person walking up that path out of the picture. The hands and forearms act as trees and bushes around the shore line. In the left end of the boat a person, possibly two, is sitting holding what looks like a chopping adze. Up at the top of the picture is a little king like figure with a large streaming headdress. The cording on this head dress shows up in other cave drawings. This may be a very clever picture of the Bosses boat and asking for willing hands to repair it.

Aboriginal art tells a story. Here the hands seem to suggest a code like (not secret) communication among the groups. Palms up, palms down right hand and left hand. Hand proportions, female, male and hand size. That could create a bunch of signals.

Down in the lower right you see that hand pressed outward to the viewer and the suggestion of a face looking back at us. Low left is a little flower, upper right a vignette of an amphitheater that is coming out of the tail of the headdress.  This photo shows how and where the drawing occurred.