Brahamanand’s Secrets

Drawing by Prof. John Ritchey


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Reconstructed Mother Matrix

Nature is the truest
Book of Knowledge.                       Its narrative describes the real
Enfoldment of life,
It is the least decadent work
Of God.

Those who learn to read Nature’s pages walk in harmony with
A most Holy Mother.

Though for centuries no one
Appears to remember, or be interested,
In the crucible we ponder,
Nature’s markings are the face
Of our planet and will not be erased.

Eternal meaning is immutably captured
Between Heaven in motion,
Behavior of Creatures,
And the indwelling presence
Of God.
When observing the motions of Heaven
That Stillness issues from a Light-center within our Being.
Laws of Life operate
From this deep-deep well
Of Informing Spirit.

Spirit emanates number and principal,
Creating Life, Archetype and Type.
This Soul Psyche creates Life’s Actor
Who lives through all Our Beings
Creating one body for Life.

What is observed in Heavenly Motion
And achieved through Nature’s revelation
Is the outward movement
of Heart’s
Indwelling Soul.

Is the hand that slips into the glove
Of number.  It is Spirit
Which creates this flux for Nature
Whose tissued and passionate embrace
Sways now here,
Now there.
The study of language is the
Study of letters
And involves a mystery
With the Word That was
In the beginning. A Verb
Without which
No Thing could be.
If numbers represent
Possibilities of Spirit,
Then letters formed into words
Represent power of Spirit
To call Nature and man,
Not by number, but Name.

Alphabets are regarded
As clothing the numbers of Spirit.  Words and sentences
Speak of God’s calling forth
Tongue and naming Divine
Actualizing our home in Nature
Is the glorious study of God’s
Cryptic revelation.

First life germinates
From light within seed,
Then unfolds to that which
Informs the Universe.

Sky-bodies in motion
Provide the cyclic sanctuary
Beneath which these moments
Of our lives

Earth’s nature is defined
Within the ritual orbits of these
Heavenly bodies.

When thinking what has been,
What is to be, think
Of the mighty oak
Growing from within a world
Of one sun, one seed.

The most ancient method
Of drawing to divide space and time
Is by using a shadow pole.  Balance your Staff on the ground
And faithfully mark the tip
Of its noon movement of retracting shadow.
This will be true local noon.

At true noon each day,
Throughout the sun’s cycle,
A pattern of marks will occur
Which resembles a pattern
Called Analemma.  This pattern
Is a graphic calendar
Showing the explicit
Journey of our sun.  Search out proportions
Between angles of sun
Shadow and pole.  There is one proportion
Descriptive of life’s

Here is a model in which may be seen
The picture and harmony of Number
Through which you may gain an appreciation
Of what Spirit attains.  Behind these images,
Before Nature,
We form patterns.  With Spirit as guide
Nature and Number
Fall into geometric perfection.

Though much importance
Is attached to the preceding.
Do not be led astray…  It is not Number, Letter, or Geometry,
But Nature, arrayed in living loving Beings,
Through which the unimaginable
Omnipotence of Spirit
Is shadowed forth.  Fellowship
Is the reality of living,
As relationships are
Purifiers of consciousness.

Man is to man…
A God.

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