Hu-man as Virus

I woke up with some thoughts on the HU-virus.
My model shows quite clearly that this virus emerged from the warm estuaries of Franklin County, Florida, and found sanctuary in the deep ravines just north of there in Bristol Florida.

In Bristol, there are many deep ravines which to this day maintain the highest biodiversity on earth. The virus blew north and settled in the ravines, each gully with its own pure spring, and temperature which remained constant all year.

Springs from these deep (gorgeous) valleys flow into one larger stream which still flows into a large river with four tributary heads.

In Bristol, the disease grew strong and virulent. Environmental conditions changed and the virus began to move slowly at first then faster and faster until it surrounded the planet.

Herd immunity spared small groups. One of the smallest and oldest “hot spots” survived on the east coast of Florida around St Augustine.
After almost having practically died out and having passed through many centuries it returned home in a savage way.

Humans are still a strong virulent group of cells that create lots of planarity devastation where ever they’re found.

Hu virus doesn’t do well in extreme heat or cold. It seems to do well south of the moraines.

This virus settled in Asia where it regrouped before starting to repatriate the planet.

Its history makes it appear to have started elsewhere and come here but careful analysis shows otherwise.