Lost in deep woods


Quick notes:

I was so intensely studying the ground that I wandered off the reservation… the boundaries of State-owned land. Through my wandering (totally lost) off the Letchworth Indian Mound site for several hours I met the land-owning stranger who turned out to be a wonderful person, he gave me water and offered to take me back to the Letchworth mound.

While standing by his truck looking South down the rolling horse pasture, he mentioned that he and neighbors found very few artifacts and no arrowheads. In five hours of lost crisscrossing the area, I found two snail shells, no debitage the owner said his neighbor found one spear point over the years.

Then (Scott) told me There was no chert on his seventy-five acres except for over there (pointing down the hill) I’ve found many small pieces of flint.

The presence of many small pieces of flint suggests this could have been the village sharpening post.
Many of us that have tried knapping realize its an acquired skill which many people aren’t up to. You can talk the talk but walking the walk sometimes mashes your fingers and makes you want to pay someone who knows how to do it.

The absence of large flakes suggests that the tools may not have been made there but could have been brought there for sharpening. Ex: A six-inch blade breaks in half. two arrow points can be re-knapped from the knife when a tip breaks off the arrow point it can be retouched into a scrapper. A lot of small pieces suggest a lot of retouching and sharping, the smaller the pieces demonstrate a deepened caring for a particular lithic piece.

About Flint arrowheads: They were proceeded many years before by hunters simply sharpening sticks and hardening them in the fire to make arrows or spears.

A further investigation may help Archeologists determine the size and texture of the village.
Add to that, Lake Miccosukee may be a Paleo Pond.

So, If you are the person who returned me to the Letchworth mound site I am deeply grateful.
When deeply lost I asked Siri “where am I?” She gave me this address.
If this is being sent to the wrong address please know you have one heck of a good neighbor. His name is Scott, I hope to meet him again.

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