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A female amphibious tetrapod crawls up onto the beach, the land is crawling with hairy land creatures, and one of them rapes her. She crawls back into the water and has her young, most likely ending that lineage.

Example- 2

male amphibious tetrapod swaggers onto the shore and rapes a land-based female animal returns to the water, and that female land animal’s lineage remains on land and is changed forever.


Many amphibians which made it onto land, quickly evolved nose and ear hair to protect their orifices from a smoke-particle filled environment. Many mammals maintained their Nose and ear hair as they found land environments too harsh for life and returned to the water.


Sapien-Sapiens still maintain their smoke cravings. Humans inhale many different substances for different reasons. The merge factor is smoke. Those humans who developed a high tolerance for smoke and lousy air became strong among ancient survivors.


A pregnant Earth warbled herself into a cosmic pattern moving around the sun, found an uneasy space in the planetary system then Calved. She flung off two lumps of earth, one much larger than the other. Eve, our tonight-moon, worked out well and helped balance the new planet in its proper orbit.

The second and smaller clump of the earth to calve did so in an elliptical and slightly irregular orbit. When this smaller and erratic clump came whizzing by it created havoc on the planet. We called this smaller moon, Lilith. She was trouble. Every time Lilith came by in her drunken orbit rivers overflowed, planetary menses altered dramatically and young boys had wet dreams.

Lilith became the Succubae then later the witch of Halloween riding on her broomstick in front of a full moon.

Lilith’s irregular and elongated orbit brought her close to the earth several times each year, eventually bringing her into brushing contact with the earth. This contact was not a head-on collision. This clump had initially flown off because of Earth’s absolute need of equilibrium. This return event created a harsh bumpety-bump which emptied oceans, rivers, ponds. This accident created the mess which started the first water take-up of the maxima.


The first procedural action of the earth is to maintain its balance. After Lilith brushed into Earth her iron (which initially came from the Earth) merged back into the center of the planet making it less than perfectly round.


Earth has the capability of moving water over and around Her surface. The reallocation of water maintains balance. Once stasis has been achieved water freezes in place to create Earth’s orbital stability. Ice caps manage these dramatic events.