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Alternate route from Africa

If we can imagine that during the large drought which created the first diaspora out of Africa, the sea level was almost 400’ lower than it is now. The continents were larger so not so distant.
Use of a Google map makes this more visible. This on- line wind and tides chart makes it much clearer.,-19.39,724/loc=-5.834,-15.894

Here is a very informative animated chart of wind and tide directions which were probably in play during archaic times. The oceans were down 400 feet making mountain islands more visible and directional sailing more possible.

St. Helena island, 16.31 degrees south, 5.67 degrees west, has a current elevation of 1,051 feet. When the water level was lower by 400’ that would have been a 1,500’ beacon island for sailors. The currents run from the South West coast of Africa directly to St. Helena Island and from St. Helena Island directly to the eastern shoulder of South America.

There is a constant wind current from the bottom of South Africa straight to the Islands of St Helena another island a little farther north, Ascension Island would have been another rest haven for sea voyagers heading for the Brazilian coast in the northern part of South America.

Ascension Island, 7 degrees, 57min. South, is at 1, 215-foot elevation. Adding 4oo’ of elevation (lower water level) to that gives a 1,600’ beacon Island. This Island would be a back up if you missed St. Helena’s.

If this route worked it would be easier to understand how Bushman art shows up on south American cave walls along with unsutured Nephilim skulls.
The story is that the X2A Haplo came with them.


It is implausible that a universe of energy compacted to the size of a green Pea exploded into chunks of hard stone whizzing throughout space. It is more believable that it blew into a fine dust floating throughout empty space without constraints.

Notice in the family home we are unaware of the fine dust particles floating through the air in the room. When we check under of the bed, we find this wispy accumulation has bumped into constraints of the walls, bed legs and lack of circulation. The dust forms into flocks. The slightest breeze sends them off in various directions.

I have a water feature in the backyard. It contains about 25 gallons of water and a few stones. It is noticeable that any dust fallen into the water never escapes. The Wind cannot move or retrieve it. In fact, it settles to the bottom of the tank and structures itself to become mud.

Again, dust caught in water never escapes as dust. Flocks of dust settling on a bare floor will continue to move around until they are constrained.

During the big bang, event Hydrogen was available in gas form. As the dust exuded Oxygen, it mixed with hydrogen and water formed. The ball of water was full of particles which began flocculating once constrained by the surface tension of the inner bubble wall. As this constrained dust flocculated into the mud, Earth began to form.