What we know

I know, you know, I don’t know nor do others but we’re all trying to put the puzzle back together.

The internet, youTube, and Google Earth have triggered a huge paradigm shift. The image and idea of fifty white men pulling long roped- up blocks of four-ton rock were painful to watch and are finally gone.

The evidence is revealing a race of Giants that could weigh up to a ton each. Very large, strong and intelligent Megalithic people. We should never diminish their physical participation in Rite Building.
A new line of thought of why they built in stone is that they had a fresh memory of the cataclysm and all that had been lost. A heavy stone was the most permanent vehicle to rebuild on.

Rite is the first time an event is performed. Ritual describes these Rite activities performed over, and over again. The Megalithic Rite was to capture the sun’s markings, direct and build a foundation then show others how to use their work, after which they picked up their tools and moved on.

Others having been shown this
geometry became very sophisticated in creating large beautiful spaces.

Megalithic work is clear to see once you’ve noticed it. Megalithic foundations around the globe survived the floods and other cataclysms. Most of their work was later built upon by others.

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