where did the water for Noah’s flood come from?

The awful tilt of the Earth was caused 4.5 billion years ago by collision

Earth’s inner moon collides back into Earth

with one of it’s moons. The bulge in the center circumference of the planet is formed by this collision and can be seen in photos from outer space today.



This catastrophic collision created the first world flood,  4.5 billion years ago. The flood waters did not come from glacial destruction but from shattering earth quakes, volcano’s, tsunamis. Water pouring from tilted oceans, rivers and streams as the continents tore apart. This was the destruction of Pangea.

This first cataclysmic world flood enabled the water uptake which, over

millions of years created the maximum glacier. It was the destruction of this Maximum glacier by a comet, thirty four thousand

Pangea broken into seven continents

years ago which created the huge ensuing flood. The influx of so much fresh water quickly shut down the climate conveyors and reverted the climate immediately into the minor Drias glacial period. Another Asteroid destroyed this newly formed minor Drias glacier thirteen thousand years ago. The heated destruction of this glacier happened quickly and created Noah’s flood.