Out of West Africa


A new approach from the South West of Africa to the Eastern shoulder of Meso America looks to have been very possible. Modern computerized wind and tide charts show how this worked.

Here is a very informative animated chart of wind and tide directions which were probably in play during archaic times. The oceans were down 400 feet making mountain islands more visible and directional sailing more possible.

This wind chart and Google Maps helps make the story clear.


A link to Google Maps


There is a constant wind current from the bottom of South Africa straight to the Islands of St Helena another island a little farther north, Ascension Island would have been another rest haven for sea voyagers heading for the Meso American coast in the northern part of South America.

St. Helena island, (Jamestown) 16.31 degrees south, 5.67 degrees west, has a current elevation of 1,051 feet. When the water level was lower by 400’ that would have been a 1,500’ beacon island for sailors. The currents run from the South West coast of Africa directly to St. Helena Island and from St. Helena Island directly to the eastern shoulder of Meso America. Ascension Island, 7 degrees, 57min. South, is at 1, 215 foot elevation. Adding 4oo’ of elevation (lower water level) to that gives a 1,600’ beacon Island. This Island would be a back up if you missed St. Helena’s.

Please look closely at this San tribe cave art. This is a large movable sail, steep ended, sea faring canoe. With a dark skinned Giant walking up the path. Check out his little legs.

If this route worked it would be easier to understand how San’s Tribe (Bushman) art shows up on south American cave walls along with unsutured Nephelim skulls. This could have been another DNA route out of Africa.

The ancient Nephelim unsutured skulls found in an underwater cave in Peru could have been deposited there when Pangea was peaceful and whole, They were the light skinned children of God who inhabited the Earth.

When the Earth started drifting apart some species got stranded others died out. This was an extinction event for the light skinned Nephelim in Peru. It became about those Nephelim who had developed melanin in their skin and sutures in their skulls.

Members of the San tribe migrated up from Southern Africa into Mesopotamia where their blood lines mixed with the Jewish population that had been pushed out of Syria. These Jews passed the understanding of Kabbalah into the Tarot of that time.

Civilizations became very condensed as drought moved up the continent pushing civilizations ahead of it.