In the beginning…

Illustration 1: Cosmic dust

The collapse of a cosmic black hole reduced all energy to one invisible dot of singularity. The unfoldment of this compressed energy referred to as the Big Bang created our Universe.

It appears to have been lots of mineral dust particles suspended in Hydrogen gas. As these mineral particles rubbed against each other they created static electricity which aided greatly to the flocculation of minerals into an Earth sized ball. As these floculating minerals passed through a sea of hydrogen, oxygen from the minerals merged with that hydrogen creating blobs of heavily mineralized water.

Illustration 2: The first continent, 


The metal particles have an electrical attraction to each other and floculate into a Pangaea sized chunk of Earth floating in this world of water.

The Bible explains that at first it was all water.

6 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

As particulates continued floculating within this pool of water the continent Pangaea enlarged until the waters were leveled out into oceans, rivers and streams as the  continent appeared.

Other physical objects  moved into geometric orbits around the sun our planet was left with two floculated moons, a small inner moon and a larger outer moon. These moons settled into elliptical orbits. The inner moon had an erratic path which brought it very close to the Earth each time it passed.  In contemporary YouTube mythology this moon is described as Thea, an intruding planet the size of Mars.

 I don’t mean to be contrary but I differ.

 Here’s why:  Earth has a bulge in Her center created by this object melding into the side of the earth.  Contemporary soil samples do not find any traces of anything other than Earth.  Astronauts brought Moon samples back and they totally resemble the crust of Earth.  The collision seems to have been two floculated balls of Earth flung off into orbit, both with irregular orbits…the smaller one, much closer to Earth, had the  most irregular orbit brought which brought it closer to Earth on each pass.

I’m data mining Hebrew biblical mythology here. In Jewish folklore, from the satirical book Alphabet of Ben Sira (ca 700–1000 CE) onward, Lilith appears as Adam’s first wife, who was created at the same time (Rosh Hashanah) and from the same dirt as Adam – compare Genesis 1:27. Remember the second wife Eve came from his rib.

 This second wife Lilith and was a real troublemaker… in fact she is the story of the erratic path of Earth’s problematic inner moon. When the inner moon passed it had a huge effect on weather, tides, menstrual cycles… Lilith was bad.

Illustration 3: Lilith morphed into the Sucuba and onto the Halloween witch


 Lilith is coupled to water events and was the faceless female of wet-dreams. Lilith is imaged as an ancient woman (Witch) flying across the face of the moon.

Illustration 4: Lilith, the smaller inner moon made from the Earth. 

The erratic path of the inner moon eventually collided with Earth. Lilith was an iron core object which merged into Earth creating its bulge. And knocking we Earthlings off axis.

Illustration 5: Eve represents the outer moon and second wife of Adam (Earth).

The outer moon was not only pretty to look at but in charge of regulating life IE: female menstrual cycles, males arousal cycles, tides and time.

Life evolved nicely around Earth’s irregularity for a long time… long enough for humans to evolve from water and inhabit the Earth.

Illustration 6: I love this illustration. It speaks for itself, ok?


1- Earth floculated from the cosmic soup with two clumpy moons.

2- Life evolved from water onto land and thrived for many years.

3- The inner moon’s erratic orbit caused it to bump into Earth and re-merge into earth’s core, creating a slight bulge in the center and knocking Earth off axis. The magnetic pole shifted, Pangea broke into seven pieces and  the  drift began.  Remember at this time Pangea had been evolving for billions of years and  was inhabited by people.

4- This collision created: a near extinction event, precession of the equinox, and four seasons.

5- The existing light skinned unsutured sculled Nephelim children of God who had grown very large and intelligent were decimated. Before their demise they had figured out sacred geometry and practiced it in foundations around the globe on the 0 parallel. Angkor Watt etc… These Nephelim were beloved creatures and not the fallen ones.

6- The mean cousin Nephelim had developed collapsible skulls and added melanin to their skin. These attributes gave them a large advantage over their giant light skinned cousins,

7- to help regain balance to the globe, Earth began the great water take-up and deposited this mist as glaciers on the North and South poles. These glaciers were Earth’s response to being knocked off balance.

8- Glaciations occurs regularly now because of precession of the poles.