75 million years ago Toba volcano

The Toba super eruption was a super volcanic eruption that occurred about 75,000 years ago at the site of present-day Lake Toba. It is one of the Earth’s largest known eruptions. Wikipedia

An international team of scientists has found that the climatic events that ended the ice age before last are surprisingly different to those of the last ice age.


65 million years ago Chixalube asteroid impact

The Chicxulub crater is an impact crater buried underneath the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Its center is located near the town of Chicxulub, after which the crater is named. Wikipedia

54 million years ago tragedy

the Earth was struck by a large object.

The impact knocked the earth off it’s axis by 23 degrees. This accident created seasons and triggered a first huge flood.

Everything was knocked back.

This was an evolutionary bottle neck a serious extinction event. The light skinned Nephelim became seriously diminished in numbers during this bottle neck event.

The Nephelim skull found in an underwater cave in Peru was left there before the debilitating impact of Lilith.

The impact fractured Pangea and the new continents began drifting apart.

Civilization had to begin again from a smattering of people. from a very bleak position.


34 million years ago meteor impacts.

The extinctions are related to several large meteorite impacts that occurred about this time. One such event caused the Chesapeake Bay impact crater, and another at the Popigai crater (100 km) of central Siberia, scattering debris perhaps as far as Europe. New dating of the Popigai meteor suggests it may be a cause of the mass extinction.

A leading scientific theory on climate cooling at this time is decrease in atmospheric carbon dioxide, which slowly declined in the mid to late Eocene and possibly reached some threshold approximately 34 million years ago. This boundary is closely linked with the Oligocene Oi-1 event, an oxygen isotope excursion that marks the beginning of ice sheet coverage on Antarctica.
13 million years ago comet impact

Nano diamonds found across North America suggest that major climate change could have been cosmically instigated

Roughly 12,900 years ago, massive global cooling kicked in abruptly, along with the end of the line for some 35 different mammal species, including the mammoth, as well as the so-called Clovis culture of prehistoric North Americans. Various theories have been proposed for the die-off, Note the burn layer.