Fourth Letter to Arthur


Good morning Arthur.

Six months ago after conversations of your possibly building a house. We chatted about the cube of space that appears in the center of an astrological chart when the interstices are connected. That this vault of space can be recognized in the King’s chamber, Saint Peters Cathedral, Taj Mahal and other special places. This cube of space is a space tuned to the cosmos.

Our goal became to identify these cubed spaces and research if these diagrams could introduce their special geometry into contemporary housing plans.

We spoke of standing on the building site and drawing the sun’s morning rise positions directly on the earth where you plan to build.

To refresh and check our statistics we witnessed the sunrise on both solstice and equinoxes. The shadow lines drawn from these morning events looks like this… Because the earth is not round in this diagram you’re seeing a stylized version of this geometry. When these sightings are applied directly onto your site they will be slightly irregular but particular to that place.

The sunsets are graphed in this illustration. Notice that the sun’s noon position of the pole moves up and down describing the two tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. These are the Cardinal positions in an Astrology chart. From here you can cast an Analemma

After the circulation of one year the marks come back around.

Where does the circle come from. The morning shadow marks are infinitely long and don’t take on meaning for us until the circle is introduced.

In the builder’s Tarot the Magician instructs us to find the Element tables. To find the water table we create a well and mark the water level each morning at sunrise. At the end of the year you will have the distance the water surface moves in it’s swirl from the tropic Cancer’s high on June 21st to the tropic of

Capricorn’s low on December 21st. From this length you need to find the Phi porpotion and this distance will give you the measurement of the Sacred Cubit.

Now we needed to know how to make this golden

section. Now that we have the Golden length you may use it ‘s multiples on the rope you tie around the bottom of the pole to draw a circle.




Use the same measurement to create the height of the pole. From here you have the dimensions to square your circle.

Video One on Squaring the Circle:

Video Two on Making the Sacred Spiral:

At this point you created and posted the geometric solution to squaring the circle. We also posted how to draw a sacred spiral using the golden mean.

Now we can take what we have learned from experience on the mound- top onto the actual building plot and begin connecting interstices until we are dancing within the cube.