What makes the “Sacred” Sacred – 1

Anything which emanates from or relates to Godhead is referred to as Sacred. Sacred Geometry reduces itself to this singular and infinite point.

The King’s cubit

The secret of the Ark is in it’s dimensions which describe the Golden Mean. The actual dimensions of the Ark are inconsequential it’s there to teach a concept. Once you understand Phi as an emanating proportion you create your own “on site” dimensions which will be particular to that exact location. The combination of the Sacred and King’s cubit allows you to build and inhabit structures of

Golden section

universal harmony.

The King’s cubit comes from the measurement of the King’s bones. The Sacred building cubit comes from the water well which is associated with all of

source of the universal cubit

the sites.

You understand how our moon effects Earth’s tidal water. The tides are in and out daily and easy to follow along with a moon’s calendar.

water marks of solstices

Get this, all the objects in the sky are held together by gravitational force in orbit and have a greater and lesser effect on Earth. Although the strongest influence is the moon

all of the planetary bodies effect the conditions of Earth’s water.

If you dig a well and chart the water level each day at sunrise between the summer and winter solstice you have a measurement of the earth’s tilt.

If you take a glass half full of water and tip it thirty degrees you’ll be kind of imitating what’s happening inside Earth.

Measure this distance between the marks from the tropic of Cancer to the tropic of
Capricorn. Until you have figured out the Golden Mean or Phi proportion, just divide that figure by 1.618.

Dancing cube emanating from the sacred dimension