Sans tribe cave art

This morning I’m wondering how the San tribe got called Bushman and why that name obfuscates their incredible intelligence.

Behind this drawing on the cave wall (THE cave wall) notice the earth’s striations. These woeful figures are sandwiched between two actual earth shattering events. See the white striations behind them a couple of inches apart? Those are most likely volcanic ash remnants and the reason these folks had to live in the the shelter of the cave.

The young person on the left is kneeling on the beginning layer of damage and is lamenting the conditions brought about by this newly scorched earth.

The Lady sitting on the stump is woefully staring back through time ( the upper white ash line) and remembering the harsh environment her family had to endure to stay alive.

The drawing on the right, is definitely a male standing in the middle of two ashy time lines, despondent over the conditions his family is enduring.

The good news is this is being drawn by an artist in the cave many years (rock striations) later.

This artist stood back and read the cave wall then added his comments to the correct time- line-layers of stone.