My wife purchased this drawing at an estate sale in North Florida. It has the characteristics of the Aboriginal San tribe cave drawings in South America.

I can’t read the language but the date looks like 1980. It confirms the stories of tribes following the reindeer.

The major glacier created a large drought which drew down the worlds water level by 400 feet.

Earth dried up.

The present average water depth in the Bering Straights

is around

150 feet. During the land bridge period when the water was four hundred feet lower

, the land bridge would have been a 250 foot high ridge with the Diomede islands in between. Fairway rock lies between the Diomede islands and Alaska shore and would have also have been exposed by hundreds of feet. These islands are now at sea level but would have stood out during land bridge times.

The story is that the X2A Haplo came with them.

The Inuit tribe still survives in Alaska. The aborigines followed the reindeer across the ice bridge and made it their home. Others used the land bridge to populate North America…The Solutrians, mongols and Clovis. The Solutrians and Clovis may have been the same group and be cousins of the Nephelim.

The real story is how Aboriginal art got onto the Peruvian cave walls?img_58174f0651644

An Aboriginal wave migrated South following sea currents from South West Africa to the Shoulder of Mezzo America.

It was drought conditions which pushed the Aborigine to travel down to South America in deep water canoes. Others survived by following the herds up across the Bering straights into North America.

In Peru Archaeologists have found a female skeleton nicely laid out on a cave shelf which is now 40 meters under water. Nephelim skulls and Aboriginal art are also present.

The Aborigines met Nephelim with unsutured heads. To me this means that these Nephelim were first wave humans, a white race of giants who had not yet developed melanin and had traces of red hair.

This race of Giants would later develop collapsible skulls allowing more plausible vaginal births, brain expansion and melanin to protect their endangered skin.

Giants DNA was left in small patches around the world from an earlier Nephelim- only migration out of Africa.

The glacier was massive suggesting that water levels were very low and earth was terribly dry. What if the Nephelim were excellent swimmers? What would a thirty five foot swimmer look like? We know if our necks were 8 inches longer we could walk upright in water. The aborigines were marathon runners, it’s possible the Nephelim were

marathon swimmers.


The well-preserved, genetically intact skeleton of a teenage girl who lived about 13,000-12,000 years ago

What we have here is the unique combination of an adolescent skeleton with a Native American DNA haplotype,” said Prof Douglas Kennett of Pennsylvania State University, The site is now 40 meters below sea level and sea level rise would have raised the ground water level in the cave system and submerged everything between 9,700 and 10,200 years ago.