The cube of space

often called “The dancing cube” gives the illusion of a six sided shape changing into a perfectly formed cube.

Focus on the center of this diagram and a cube will appear.

Most Astrologers use an equal distance system in constructing their charts.

Remember that equal distanced Astrology charts are stylized. Wall charts like this one are an excellent teaching device and memory reference point.

In this chart we are focusing on the dancing cube and are going to try to suss out the geometry which allows it to happen. Notice in this profane diagram

the lines are infinitely long until the dimension is set with a circle. Your dwelling takes shape from here.

The actual measurements made on top of the mound vary because these lines are distinctively different in each location. Once you have discerned the cubit you use its multiples to set the height of the sighting pole and the dimension of the circle.

The cube of space changes dimension with each longitude/latitude movement.

I’m saying that the cube of space atop the mound just down the street will be a different shape and require its own astro-geological dimension.

This is why there are so many mounds in the world. Everybody wants one.