Cubits: Sacred and Profane

Cubits can be confusing let’s check them out.

There is a universal synchronicity captured in Geometry that is a relationship between all parts of the Universe and our bodies. Tall bodies, short bodies, malformed bodies all share this growth proportion.

The King’s cubit in building determines things like the height of windows the size of doorways, length of beds.. a builder really wants the king to be able to see out the windows and fit through the doors.

Another interesting relationship of golden section to the design of the human body is that there are:5 appendages to the torso, in the arms, leg and head. 5 appendages on each of these, in the fingers and toes and 5 openings on the face. 5 sense organs for sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. The golden section in turn, is also based on 5, as the number phi, or 1.6180339…, is computed using 5’s, as follows: 5 ^.5 *.5 +.5 = Phi In this mathematical construction “5 ^.5” means “5 raised to the 1/2 power,” which is the square root of 5, which is then multiplied by.5 and to which.5 is then added.

The second is the Sacred cubit. This measurement is taken from the measured balance of the Universe.


Notice that wells are associated with megalithic building. Find the well and measure it each morning at sunrise from solstice to solstice. Take this measurement and divide it by Phi and you have a universal measurement that is particular to that building event. Earth’s tidal water is in balance with all of the planet’s not just the moon.

The length of the Sacred cubit changes by locality.

The length of the profane cubit changes from King to King.

The Magician holding a rod of measurement says check out the tables of the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Find the Phi and build your house.