Tarot as an historical text

I began this line of thought trying to show how the Tarot is more than a deck of gambling cards or only a method of unscientific divination. Certainly, anyone who has fondled a deck of cards has, through them, experienced strong feelings of universal synchronicity.

Texts concerning Tarot are all shaded in mystery, secrecy, dodgery, not knowing and other misleading staircases of personal aggrandizement, occasionally ending in charlatanism.

I have always been excited by Shamans, and have myself practiced outer world, out of body experiences which have been very other worldly, nature bonding, enlightening and hugely entertaining. However this behavior was body debilitating, often disorientating and hard to sustain.

In search of answers to these perceived universal revelations, I launched a personal investigation into spiritual; and psychological issues, trying to find out who else had experienced these out of body, other worldly, long nights. Through out history I found that many, many people had and they also struggled to tell their story.

To shorten my story… A Guru found me and quickly informed me that life was for the living, this planet is where it’s happening, my body is where my life is housed and I was headed in the wrong direction, which he quickly reversed for me.

Guru made it clear that Spirit really enjoys a willing body. I needed to concentrate, focus, meditate, realize then go back into this world and try to do good. Above all, never get in th
e way of others good work.
After seventy or so years there will be plenty of time to practice astral projection and out of body travel. He said, “I know what you’re doing in there. Come out of your cave and go to work”. Whatever!….I’m trying.

The Fool

I read the Tarot which describes the horrifying story of human history. You have noticed the card images change around from generation to generation but the geometry of numbers remains constant and available to all through the ages. Let’s look at the historical 0 card, the FOOL. He is a fancy- free traveler carrying his kit and caboodle and just enjoying the day. Notice how he is one step away from tragedy?

Terrible tragedy struck Earth very early on and periodically since then.

The World’s order has been shaken to it’s core several times during it’s history and probably will again.

Each time humans faced these bottlenecks of extinction,

The World

thankfully, they devised methods of up righting and restoring civilization to the planet.

Wall art and memorization have been ultimately important in keeping humanity alive.