Data Mining Deep History


Data mining You Tube, Google Earth, Google maps is a very new way of sharing the present and uncovering the past. What I have come up with is certainly not what I was taught or expected.

EX: Noah’s flood was a biggie where did this water come from?

The water came from the destruction of the world’s largest and longest lasting glacier. We now understand the cycle of these glaciations of which there have been up to sixty.  They begin with a trauma!

After hurt, Earth has the ability to restore order to its balance by transferring weight where its needed through rain then snow to ice. The weight and size of a three mile deep piece of glacier is profound. As the glacier grows larger earth’s drought grows commensurately then when the ice is destroyed a cataclysm ensues.

So where did the water which caused the huge glacier which melted, causing Noah’s flood, come from?

The Bible’s elegant description of Creation begins with a dry earth quickly covered with a mist. This Earth covering mist is evidently where the water take up began developing into the maximum Glacier. Where did this mist come from?

54 million years ago when Earth clumped together and began moving into orbit, a couple of clumps fell off and joined into orbit with the earth. One of these chunks bumped into the Earth, knocking it off axis creating two tropics, four seasons and rain.

The Glacier was huge which means the water had to have been very deep and pervasive. Now we have one moon and a lump in the center of the earth. Go figure.

Horizontal and vertical DNA is only now helping describe what they went through to survive these glacial seasons and get us where we are today.