What if?


Diagram of the Great Pyramid
This is an example of the size of the Nephilim

The Pyramids were built by two different groups of people? There are instances of later civilizations building on pre existing megalithic structures. The main group of builders were the Nephelim. Very large people even Giants. Their Megalithic structures all seem to be laid out on a strict geometric pattern formed by collecting Sun’s shadows during the rotation of a year. You see these diagrams dug into the rock on the base of the Pyramid? During the Earth’s last cataclysm, huge damage was inflicted on most all of existing artifacts.

Many suggest that a cataclysm shook the facing stones off the Pyramids, exposing the stone work beneath them.

Notice the weather striations
Please notice the geometric designs carved into the solid rock base

As you view these two diagrams notice the weathering lines on the outside stones. It appears to be three, possibly four, starts and stops to the building. Look closely and notice the subtle differences in the work.

In the diagram please draw an imaginary line across the pyramid just at the bottom of the Queens chamber. Erase the Thieves tunnel and everything above this newly formed platform. Now how perfect is that?

I’m wondering if the coloration differences line up with this first platform built by megalithic builders. I’m suggesting that each of these Chapels each stood alone for along while. These stones were not laid at the same time but were exposed at the same time.

It seems clear that Megalithic men lifted the stone for theplatform King’s chamber and roof. The building around these chambers seems to have been done by the Pharaohs men.

pyramid-phi-2 In the construction scroll which describes the building of the Pyramid there is no discussion or diagrams of the Sun’s directions to which the pyramids are aligned. This suggests to me that the megalithic builders (who had this geometric knowledge) aligned the base and built up to the platform of the Kings chamber then left.

All the rocks around this work were piled up by the Kings and Pharaohs men.

Honestly, during this research I felt there was some kind of human or political struggles going on between fazes one and two. The Corbel stones on the “roof” of the chamber are cracked. In the above diagram you see that the Kings chamber is tragically misaligned. Some of the roof stones broke under the uneven load placed upon them by moving the chamber off the center axis of the original plan. The Nephelim would not have done that. The Pyramid imitators for the Pharaohs who came later continued similar judgment flaws.

Megalithic Doorway

I feel as though the Geometric information may have been being kept secret and closed by the Nephelim.

So the Sphinx, the Giza base plateau and the first faze of the large pyramid were done by Megalithic builders. The rest were created by imitation. This happened in Gobekli Tepe, Mohenjo daro, Ankara Wat and possibly others.


Nephelim Skull

The Muu dancers below seem to be imitating the original Nephelim (large heads) builders.

Muu dancers
Muu dancers