Secret of the Circle

img_580a499952d07img_580a4a1e27bb8noon-marksWe need to discern the length of the rope which we use to tie around the base of the pole to create the first circle.ropewell-water

Once you have the rope tied off in the Sacred water cubit length, use this length to set the height of the pole. The height of the pole12472742_1700607550227148_6370150817287565686_n determines the length of meanthe true noon shadow. You need to trim the height of the pole at the moment of sunrise. A small movable cross member works well to instantly set the correct height.  (a cross).dsc_0028

The length of the rope will determine the size and proportion of the geometry which will later appear. After you have drawn the circle around the pole connect the interstices, to form squares.squares

The length of rope can be multiples of the phi distance of the yearly water rise and fall between the tropic of cancer and Capricorn.


The idea here is that not only the moon but all the planetary movements hold Earth’s internal water in balance. All the geometric measurementspyramid-phi which stem from this measurement will emanate 350px-analemma_earth-1harmonious structures.

By determining the phi proportion of the mean level you have a measurement in harmony with the Universe.



In the field or on the mound top you can use a variety of methods to create the shadow marks: Lime, charcoal, stones, trenching technique, etc..