White and Black Nephelim

A cone headed salamander looking creature slithered onto the bank and stood upright. This creature would have come with body protection adapted for water: Scaly skin, long nails, no hair. Water creatures don’t need melanin so the sun must have been harsh on these early Beings.

These evolutionaries began their journey as non pigmented up-rites in a world of bright sun.

Water creatures do not have growing (suture) plates in their skulls. Thus the first people were white skinned (pre Melanin) cone headed creatures with fixed plates in their hard skulls. Of Nephelim skulls the earliest lacked skull sutures. Skulls without sutures were found in Peru.


This adaptation to vaginal birth would have happened quite quickly (if you

have viewed a human birth you will know what I mean).

So: large white babies, blue eyes and blond hair (source of later red hair) were the first on-land creatures. The pressure of having a closed skull and no melanin would have been a human deal breaker.

Explorers find these traits in the Australian Aborigines because they were settled by the San tribe who carried both Nephelim genes.

So the first Nephelim skulls would have no cranial sutures and their bodies would have lacked melanin. These white folks must have had a very hard time before they started producing melanin. So fairly quickly the earth had white and black Nephelim.

I feel as though the cranial sutures, tight curly hair and brown eyes were quick land adjustments. Traits from both of these Tribes (white and black) show up in the San tribe, a tight curly haired brown eyed tribe of

people who have had instances of spawning white skinned, blond and blue eyed children.