Secrets of the Pole


Tip: A diagram is worth a thousand words.

This diagram pictures sun sighting after the World’s

cataclysmic event which created the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. A pole goes unnoticed many times but there is one in every square ground, often related to ball games.

The imagery of information emanating from

the pole’s shadow has been passed through generations by societies struggling to maintain yearly awareness.

As simple as it is, this information is always capable of being lost and forgotten.

This information is not kept secret from you but for you.

Wherever you are, place a staff in the ground and every day watch it’s shadow. When the shadow approaches the pole it will grow shorter until one moment it will begin growing longer away from the pole. Mark that spot on the ground with a stone. This point marks true local noon. At the end of the year you will have formed an Analemma on the ground. (Your “Rod and Staff can comfort you”).

From this design you can determine the hour, day,

week, month cycles of each year, longitude and lattitude. Now realize that you can watch this sundial and begin keeping yearly notes.