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we’re developing a platform to describe and discuss the origins and usage of Tarot.

Tarot is a root subject which has a very rich human history. It represents human’s first efforts to transmit knowledge and culture through generations. The name Tarot came from the Egyptian language for “Royal Road”.

Illustration 1: Zodiac on ceiling on Sphinx passage way ceiling

The inscriptions are names of cardinal and ordinal directions of Dewa Lokapala’s wind Gods. Dated in the eighth century. Wisdom, mystery, secrecy and magic have always surrounded these 22 plates carried by the pioneer creators on this Royal Road. The first group came quietly out of Africa when the planet was in it’s quiescent (Garden of Eden)phase. These travelers designed the Giza Plateau and built the Sphinx then traversed the globe on the “0” degree parallel and ended up back at the Sphinx. As they circled the globe they left shards of their tribe which the Bushman encountered on their adventure around south America, many many years later. There are Zodiac signs on the ceiling of the Sphinx.

Illustration 2: Cardinal directions

The deck was called Rota suggesting the mental mnemonics of rotation used to memorize the Arcanums.
Contemplate the Plates, the number of plates, the numbers on the plates, the plate logic before numbers.
This logic first appeared on plates as marks describing the rising sun’s shadow. These plates had a natural order which could not be Rearranged.
In the illustration we have an instance of the major and minor arcana being held separately. The inscriptions on the small plates are names of cardinal and ordinal directions of Dewa Lokapala’s wind Gods.

Illustration 3: Sunrise

The Megalithic Nephelim were intelligent people with very large brains and had millions of peaceful years to come up with a basic understanding of the correlation between the position of morning sunrise and the season.

llustration 4: Nephelim skull from Africa

As the usefulness of this basic almanac grew the Nephelim began documenting and sharing this information by line- drawing on the ground. These initial drawings are the beginning geometry of the mound base. Please notice the geometric lines drawn of the base of this pyramid in



Illustration 5: notice geometry mark on base of pyramid

During the drought that preceded the great ice age the Nephelim and Aboriginal Bushman left Africa and migrated toward the middle Asian melting pot, Mesopotamia. The Bushman or San people left Asia to travel around South America. Now they were carrying Jewish DNA.
In South America the Bushman encountered Nephelim who had been previously left behind by the first “0” degree surveying team of Giants.
In these diagrams we see San, Bushman, art on South American cave walls. Here

Illustration 6: morning sunrises of the four cardinal days

is a diagram of Bushman art on an African cave wall. This documents that

Illustration 7: Bushman cave drawing from Africa

Bushman came that far South. Large skulls in the area show the Nephelim were there prevously.




Illustration 8: Nephelim skull found in South America



The Sephardi Jews were migrating from Assyria into Mesopotamia.

Illustration 9: Bushman cave drawing from South America







REMEMBER: The first diaspora out of Africa ahead of a drought peopled Sumeria, Mu, they were very successful creating the teaching of the Kabbalah. When these Sephardi Jews left Assyria they went into Mesopotamia

The Nephelim, Bushmen, Asians, Arabs and
Gypsies intermingled in Mesopotamia during this period.

Africans came with 22 plates. No numbers and no images. Only angular drawings.

Arabian mystics added numerals to the cards 1-9+0

Sephardi Jews added Jehovah to the mix 1-2-3-4- (Yod He Vau He)

Illustration 10: A Van Gogh painting of Gypsy life

Divination was added by the Roms. Many Gypsies still Divine with only the minor Arcana in play. The Romas were not Egyptians as many believe. Gypsys are a close knit traveling tribe.

Card games based on the decimal system were already being enjoyed in Mesopotamia.

The three systems married the Major and Minor Arcanums to a new game called Triumph. This game employed both Arcanums and is still played today.

This is how a deck of cards can mean so much to so many.
1- God’s children (Nephelim) inhabited the Garden of Eden (South Africa)

They developed the sunrise geometry. Created the
Sphinx and surveyed the globe around the zero parallel. We can trace their geometry in the foundations of the remaining artifacts that they created as markers along their way. This was their first survey of the globe.

2- Earth had a cataclysm that made this geometry important again after it acquired a thirty degree tilt.
3- Nephelim fleeing a drought caused by the huge uptake of water in the ice cover (three miles thick in places) joined with the Bushmen and migrated into Asia, principally Mesopotamia. They came with twenty two plates of geometry which they had previously used to survey the planet.


4-Jews migrating from Sumeria contributed the Kabbalah and alphabet
5- Arabians contributed Arabic numeric decimal system.
6- Asians contributed imagery. Imagery generally depicts the conditions Earth has undergone and events Humans should become aware of.
7- Gypsies contributed Divination and distribution through Fortune Telling and gambling games.
8- Human desire to hold the unknown in their hands ensures the cards continuity.
9- The cards pictures recount the history of of this struggle.