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Sailing out of Africa

If we can imagine that during the large drought which created the first diaspora out of Africa, the sea level was almost 400’ lower than it is now.,-19.39,724/loc=-5.834,-15.894

Here is a very informative animated chart of wind and tide directions which were probably in play during archaic times. The oceans were down 400 feet making mountain islands more visible and directional sailing more possible.

St. Helena island, 16.31 degrees south, 5.67 degrees west, has a current elevation of 1,051 feet. When the water level was lower by 400’ that would have been a 1,500’ beacon island for sailors. The currents run from the South West coast of Africa directly to St. Helena Island and from St. Helena Island directly to the eastern shoulder of South America.

There is a constant wind current from the bottom of South Africa straight to the Islands of St Helena another island a little farther north, Ascension Island would have been another rest haven for sea voyagers heading for the Brazilian coast in the northern part of South America.

Ascension Island, 7 degrees, 57min. South, is at 1, 215 foot elevation. Adding 4oo’ of elevation (lower water level) to that gives a 1,600’ beacon Island. This Island would be a back up if you missed St. Helena’s.

If this route worked it would be easier to understand how Bushman art shows up on south American cave walls along with unsutured Nephelim skulls.

Tarot as an historical text

I began this line of thought trying to show how the Tarot is more than a deck of gambling cards or only a method of unscientific divination. Certainly, anyone who has fondled a deck of cards has, through them, experienced strong feelings of universal synchronicity.

Texts concerning Tarot are all shaded in mystery, secrecy, dodgery, not knowing and other misleading staircases of personal aggrandizement, occasionally ending in charlatanism.

I have always been excited by Shamans, and have myself practiced outer world, out of body experiences which have been very other worldly, nature bonding, enlightening and hugely entertaining. However this behavior was body debilitating, often disorientating and hard to sustain.

In search of answers to these perceived universal revelations, I launched a personal investigation into spiritual; and psychological issues, trying to find out who else had experienced these out of body, other worldly, long nights. Through out history I found that many, many people had and they also struggled to tell their story.

To shorten my story… A Guru found me and quickly informed me that life was for the living, this planet is where it’s happening, my body is where my life is housed and I was headed in the wrong direction, which he quickly reversed for me.

Guru made it clear that Spirit really enjoys a willing body. I needed to concentrate, focus, meditate, realize then go back into this world and try to do good. Above all, never get in th
e way of others good work.
After seventy or so years there will be plenty of time to practice astral projection and out of body travel. He said, “I know what you’re doing in there. Come out of your cave and go to work”. Whatever!….I’m trying.

The Fool

I read the Tarot which describes the horrifying story of human history. You have noticed the card images change around from generation to generation but the geometry of numbers remains constant and available to all through the ages. Let’s look at the historical 0 card, the FOOL. He is a fancy- free traveler carrying his kit and caboodle and just enjoying the day. Notice how he is one step away from tragedy?

Terrible tragedy struck Earth very early on and periodically since then.

The World’s order has been shaken to it’s core several times during it’s history and probably will again.

Each time humans faced these bottlenecks of extinction,

The World

thankfully, they devised methods of up righting and restoring civilization to the planet.

Wall art and memorization have been ultimately important in keeping humanity alive.

Data Mining Deep History


Data mining You Tube, Google Earth, Google maps is a very new way of sharing the present and uncovering the past. What I have come up with is certainly not what I was taught or expected.

EX: Noah’s flood was a biggie where did this water come from?

The water came from the destruction of the world’s largest and longest lasting glacier. We now understand the cycle of these glaciations of which there have been up to sixty.  They begin with a trauma!

After hurt, Earth has the ability to restore order to its balance by transferring weight where its needed through rain then snow to ice. The weight and size of a three mile deep piece of glacier is profound. As the glacier grows larger earth’s drought grows commensurately then when the ice is destroyed a cataclysm ensues.

So where did the water which caused the huge glacier which melted, causing Noah’s flood, come from?

The Bible’s elegant description of Creation begins with a dry earth quickly covered with a mist. This Earth covering mist is evidently where the water take up began developing into the maximum Glacier. Where did this mist come from?

54 million years ago when Earth clumped together and began moving into orbit, a couple of clumps fell off and joined into orbit with the earth. One of these chunks bumped into the Earth, knocking it off axis creating two tropics, four seasons and rain.

The Glacier was huge which means the water had to have been very deep and pervasive. Now we have one moon and a lump in the center of the earth. Go figure.

Horizontal and vertical DNA is only now helping describe what they went through to survive these glacial seasons and get us where we are today.

What if?


Diagram of the Great Pyramid
This is an example of the size of the Nephilim

The Pyramids were built by two different groups of people? There are instances of later civilizations building on pre existing megalithic structures. The main group of builders were the Nephelim. Very large people even Giants. Their Megalithic structures all seem to be laid out on a strict geometric pattern formed by collecting Sun’s shadows during the rotation of a year. You see these diagrams dug into the rock on the base of the Pyramid? During the Earth’s last cataclysm, huge damage was inflicted on most all of existing artifacts.

Many suggest that a cataclysm shook the facing stones off the Pyramids, exposing the stone work beneath them.

Notice the weather striations
Please notice the geometric designs carved into the solid rock base

As you view these two diagrams notice the weathering lines on the outside stones. It appears to be three, possibly four, starts and stops to the building. Look closely and notice the subtle differences in the work.

In the diagram please draw an imaginary line across the pyramid just at the bottom of the Queens chamber. Erase the Thieves tunnel and everything above this newly formed platform. Now how perfect is that?

I’m wondering if the coloration differences line up with this first platform built by megalithic builders. I’m suggesting that each of these Chapels each stood alone for along while. These stones were not laid at the same time but were exposed at the same time.

It seems clear that Megalithic men lifted the stone for theplatform King’s chamber and roof. The building around these chambers seems to have been done by the Pharaohs men.

pyramid-phi-2 In the construction scroll which describes the building of the Pyramid there is no discussion or diagrams of the Sun’s directions to which the pyramids are aligned. This suggests to me that the megalithic builders (who had this geometric knowledge) aligned the base and built up to the platform of the Kings chamber then left.

All the rocks around this work were piled up by the Kings and Pharaohs men.

Honestly, during this research I felt there was some kind of human or political struggles going on between fazes one and two. The Corbel stones on the “roof” of the chamber are cracked. In the above diagram you see that the Kings chamber is tragically misaligned. Some of the roof stones broke under the uneven load placed upon them by moving the chamber off the center axis of the original plan. The Nephelim would not have done that. The Pyramid imitators for the Pharaohs who came later continued similar judgment flaws.

Megalithic Doorway

I feel as though the Geometric information may have been being kept secret and closed by the Nephelim.

So the Sphinx, the Giza base plateau and the first faze of the large pyramid were done by Megalithic builders. The rest were created by imitation. This happened in Gobekli Tepe, Mohenjo daro, Ankara Wat and possibly others.


Nephelim Skull

The Muu dancers below seem to be imitating the original Nephelim (large heads) builders.

Muu dancers
Muu dancers

Secrets of the rope

A decision has to be made about the length of the divisions in the rope. We have been measuring the rise and fall of the well water during the year. We measure this distance and create our first knot from the end. Let’s say the distance of water rise from the Tropic of Cancer (June 21st) to the Tropic of Capricorn (December 21st). 12 inches. Make the first knot.


nine or thirteen knots



Secret of the Circle

img_580a499952d07img_580a4a1e27bb8noon-marksWe need to discern the length of the rope which we use to tie around the base of the pole to create the first circle.ropewell-water

Once you have the rope tied off in the Sacred water cubit length, use this length to set the height of the pole. The height of the pole12472742_1700607550227148_6370150817287565686_n determines the length of meanthe true noon shadow. You need to trim the height of the pole at the moment of sunrise. A small movable cross member works well to instantly set the correct height.  (a cross).dsc_0028

The length of the rope will determine the size and proportion of the geometry which will later appear. After you have drawn the circle around the pole connect the interstices, to form squares.squares

The length of rope can be multiples of the phi distance of the yearly water rise and fall between the tropic of cancer and Capricorn.


The idea here is that not only the moon but all the planetary movements hold Earth’s internal water in balance. All the geometric measurementspyramid-phi which stem from this measurement will emanate 350px-analemma_earth-1harmonious structures.

By determining the phi proportion of the mean level you have a measurement in harmony with the Universe.



In the field or on the mound top you can use a variety of methods to create the shadow marks: Lime, charcoal, stones, trenching technique, etc..


Secrets of the Pole


Tip: A diagram is worth a thousand words.

This diagram pictures sun sighting after the World’s

cataclysmic event which created the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. A pole goes unnoticed many times but there is one in every square ground, often related to ball games.

The imagery of information emanating from

the pole’s shadow has been passed through generations by societies struggling to maintain yearly awareness.

As simple as it is, this information is always capable of being lost and forgotten.

This information is not kept secret from you but for you.

Wherever you are, place a staff in the ground and every day watch it’s shadow. When the shadow approaches the pole it will grow shorter until one moment it will begin growing longer away from the pole. Mark that spot on the ground with a stone. This point marks true local noon. At the end of the year you will have formed an Analemma on the ground. (Your “Rod and Staff can comfort you”).

From this design you can determine the hour, day,

week, month cycles of each year, longitude and lattitude. Now realize that you can watch this sundial and begin keeping yearly notes.

White and Black Nephelim

A cone headed salamander looking creature slithered onto the bank and stood upright. This creature would have come with body protection adapted for water: Scaly skin, long nails, no hair. Water creatures don’t need melanin so the sun must have been harsh on these early Beings.

These evolutionaries began their journey as non pigmented up-rites in a world of bright sun.

Water creatures do not have growing (suture) plates in their skulls. Thus the first people were white skinned (pre Melanin) cone headed creatures with fixed plates in their hard skulls. Of Nephelim skulls the earliest lacked skull sutures. Skulls without sutures were found in Peru.


This adaptation to vaginal birth would have happened quite quickly (if you

have viewed a human birth you will know what I mean).

So: large white babies, blue eyes and blond hair (source of later red hair) were the first on-land creatures. The pressure of having a closed skull and no melanin would have been a human deal breaker.

Explorers find these traits in the Australian Aborigines because they were settled by the San tribe who carried both Nephelim genes.

So the first Nephelim skulls would have no cranial sutures and their bodies would have lacked melanin. These white folks must have had a very hard time before they started producing melanin. So fairly quickly the earth had white and black Nephelim.

I feel as though the cranial sutures, tight curly hair and brown eyes were quick land adjustments. Traits from both of these Tribes (white and black) show up in the San tribe, a tight curly haired brown eyed tribe of

people who have had instances of spawning white skinned, blond and blue eyed children.

Secrets of the Water Well

Ocean tides are very observable, underground water levels not so much. We stand on shore looking at the stars watching waves make high or low tide marks. we hug and kiss and talk about the moon. The point is the earth has a constant movement of water both above and below surface.

Measuring water in a well tells a lot about Earth’s balance and Galactic harmony. It is not only our moon but all the objects in our gravitational system which influence the spread of water.

King's cubit
King’s Cubit

The measurement derived from sussing Phi from the distance between the two Solstice levels creates a unit which is in harmony with the cosmos. A Universal cubit.well-water

Thank You

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our new blog.

we’re developing a platform to describe and discuss the origins and usage of Tarot.

Tarot is a root subject which has a very rich human history. It represents human’s first efforts to transmit knowledge and culture through generations. The name Tarot came from the Egyptian language for “Royal Road”.

Illustration 1: Zodiac on ceiling on Sphinx passage way ceiling

The inscriptions are names of cardinal and ordinal directions of Dewa Lokapala’s wind Gods. Dated in the eighth century. Wisdom, mystery, secrecy and magic have always surrounded these 22 plates carried by the pioneer creators on this Royal Road. The first group came quietly out of Africa when the planet was in it’s quiescent (Garden of Eden)phase. These travelers designed the Giza Plateau and built the Sphinx then traversed the globe on the “0” degree parallel and ended up back at the Sphinx. As they circled the globe they left shards of their tribe which the Bushman encountered on their adventure around south America, many many years later. There are Zodiac signs on the ceiling of the Sphinx.

Illustration 2: Cardinal directions

The deck was called Rota suggesting the mental mnemonics of rotation used to memorize the Arcanums.
Contemplate the Plates, the number of plates, the numbers on the plates, the plate logic before numbers.
This logic first appeared on plates as marks describing the rising sun’s shadow. These plates had a natural order which could not be Rearranged.
In the illustration we have an instance of the major and minor arcana being held separately. The inscriptions on the small plates are names of cardinal and ordinal directions of Dewa Lokapala’s wind Gods.

Illustration 3: Sunrise

The Megalithic Nephelim were intelligent people with very large brains and had millions of peaceful years to come up with a basic understanding of the correlation between the position of morning sunrise and the season.

llustration 4: Nephelim skull from Africa

As the usefulness of this basic almanac grew the Nephelim began documenting and sharing this information by line- drawing on the ground. These initial drawings are the beginning geometry of the mound base. Please notice the geometric lines drawn of the base of this pyramid in



Illustration 5: notice geometry mark on base of pyramid

During the drought that preceded the great ice age the Nephelim and Aboriginal Bushman left Africa and migrated toward the middle Asian melting pot, Mesopotamia. The Bushman or San people left Asia to travel around South America. Now they were carrying Jewish DNA.
In South America the Bushman encountered Nephelim who had been previously left behind by the first “0” degree surveying team of Giants.
In these diagrams we see San, Bushman, art on South American cave walls. Here

Illustration 6: morning sunrises of the four cardinal days

is a diagram of Bushman art on an African cave wall. This documents that

Illustration 7: Bushman cave drawing from Africa

Bushman came that far South. Large skulls in the area show the Nephelim were there prevously.




Illustration 8: Nephelim skull found in South America



The Sephardi Jews were migrating from Assyria into Mesopotamia.

Illustration 9: Bushman cave drawing from South America







REMEMBER: The first diaspora out of Africa ahead of a drought peopled Sumeria, Mu, they were very successful creating the teaching of the Kabbalah. When these Sephardi Jews left Assyria they went into Mesopotamia

The Nephelim, Bushmen, Asians, Arabs and
Gypsies intermingled in Mesopotamia during this period.

Africans came with 22 plates. No numbers and no images. Only angular drawings.

Arabian mystics added numerals to the cards 1-9+0

Sephardi Jews added Jehovah to the mix 1-2-3-4- (Yod He Vau He)

Illustration 10: A Van Gogh painting of Gypsy life

Divination was added by the Roms. Many Gypsies still Divine with only the minor Arcana in play. The Romas were not Egyptians as many believe. Gypsys are a close knit traveling tribe.

Card games based on the decimal system were already being enjoyed in Mesopotamia.

The three systems married the Major and Minor Arcanums to a new game called Triumph. This game employed both Arcanums and is still played today.

This is how a deck of cards can mean so much to so many.
1- God’s children (Nephelim) inhabited the Garden of Eden (South Africa)

They developed the sunrise geometry. Created the
Sphinx and surveyed the globe around the zero parallel. We can trace their geometry in the foundations of the remaining artifacts that they created as markers along their way. This was their first survey of the globe.

2- Earth had a cataclysm that made this geometry important again after it acquired a thirty degree tilt.
3- Nephelim fleeing a drought caused by the huge uptake of water in the ice cover (three miles thick in places) joined with the Bushmen and migrated into Asia, principally Mesopotamia. They came with twenty two plates of geometry which they had previously used to survey the planet.


4-Jews migrating from Sumeria contributed the Kabbalah and alphabet
5- Arabians contributed Arabic numeric decimal system.
6- Asians contributed imagery. Imagery generally depicts the conditions Earth has undergone and events Humans should become aware of.
7- Gypsies contributed Divination and distribution through Fortune Telling and gambling games.
8- Human desire to hold the unknown in their hands ensures the cards continuity.
9- The cards pictures recount the history of of this struggle.