Fall Equinox Sunrise at Lake Jackson Mound 2016

Illustration 1: Sunrise on top of Lake Jackson mound Sept 21 2016. This is the East West center of the mound. FALL EQUINOX

This is a few minutes after sunrise this morning Sept 21, 2016, atop Lake Jackson mound. The horizon has grown up and there is nobody to elevate the mound but we can however elevate the horizon, by picking a time say 9am and every morning marking the sun at that moment. Marking that way allows you to see the Analemma and the warble Earth makes as it rotates yearly.

Illustration 2: Sunrise on top of Lake Jackson Mound DECEMBER 21 2016. This is the southerly corner of the mound. WINTER SOLSTICE

The sun is going to stop traveling South and start rising northerly each morning as it moves back northerly toward the Spring Equinox.