Second Letter to Arthur

Illustration 1: Lilith the first wife of Adam





The seasons were spinning evenly, there was grass land and animals grazing. This well balanced peace lasted for hundreds of generations of humans.

During this time brain size increased and with it super intelligence appeared on the planet. The Nephelim used this time of equanimity to create the Sphinx and start the canal/ tunnel work for the later creation of the Pyramid complex.. These zero degree monuments were built with equanimity in intelligent times.

Illustration 2: Recently discovered secret passage-way.



 about the 0 degree parallel

Illustration 4: Floor plans for the Giza plateau.
Illustration 3: Tunnels and passage-ways from the Sphinx to the Pyramids.








Illustration 5: Ancient Nazca airport

There had been no ice cap to melt but the lakes, rivers and oceans funneled into a tsunami of world destruction.

Illustration 9: Tambo Tambo, Peru



Illustration 6: Moai, Easter Island




Illustration 7: Ankara Watt, Cambodia


Illustration 8: Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan



 about the 0 degree parallel

This was the first and worst water damage to the Sphinx and like America’s Grand Canyon it all happened in a week.


Later there will be a second great flood!

This first flood was the one that damaged the Megalithic sites on the ZERO parallel IE: Nazca, Easter Island, Ankara Watt, Mohenjo-daro, Tambo Tambo, and washed over the Great Pyramid base.

Illustration 10: a glacial lake

These megalithic sites were developed during calm times before the very first flood.

After the huge, hot impact fresh water melt flowed into the oceans shutting the conveyor systems down and creating another, smaller, ice age called the younger Drias. During glaciations the build up of snow and ice draws water from the rivers, lakes and oceans, creating a huge weight on the surface of Earth’s sphere.

Like pushing your finger into an inflated balloon, it changes the shape of the balloon. While the weight of the ice cap grows slowly it allows earth to make adjustments by re-centering its bowel magma. When the ice weight is lifted quickly it stresses this liquid magma and becomes the source of volcanic eruptions and floods.


Illustration 11: representing the Earth off axis

The Sphinx was built first and placed next to where the Pyramid would later be constructed. In contemporary parlance the Sphinx represented parking the Construction- bosses trailer next to the construction site where the foremen can have an office and direct building in style with comfort.

Illustration 12: Knocked off axis Earth now has two tropical lines

There is an older building in front of the Sphinx which may have provided the “office” while the Sphinx was being constructed and later became a chapel.


The chapel is in front of the Sphinx

This collision between the small moon and earth brought about the first ice age.  A chunk of ice three miles thick, covering much of North America occurred lasting a long time and as it grew it sucked up water and created a world wide drought.

Vela. Its source type II supernova exploded approximately 11,000-12,300 …

Illustration 13 Clovis impact spherules on the Drias Ice Cap

The second great tragedy occurred when an asteroid hit the relatively new Drias ice cap throwing multiple fragments of hot impact spherules 12,800 years old across the North American landscape and burying itself in the Drias ice cap. These chunks of asteroid melted the snow cap overnight. This created the next wave of large floods and major devastation. The general hypothesis states that about 12,900  years ago,  an asteroid set areas of North America on fire, disrupted climate and caused the rapid demise of the North American Clovis culture.

People were moving around because of the drought  many moving to Mesopotamia.  This is where and when Jews, Nephelim, Bushman, met
up and shared traveling information. 




The Bushman (aboriginal) joined with the Nephelim (Giants) and walked South around south America up into north America. They built a pyramid base in Poverty point Louisiana 7,000 years ago then returned to finish the Pyramids at Giza 6,000 years ago… The Pyramids escaped the floods.

Illustration 15: Bushman art in South America
Illustration 14: Bushman art in Africa
Flood conditions about the 0 degree parallel