Gobekli Tepe


Gobekli Tepe seems similar to the Pyramid in that, on close inspection you see it was created by megalithic builders and later expanded for the use of farmer gatherers by farmer gatherers. It began as a megalithic structure covered with wood to form a platform which gave sunrise observers a surface to over-draw the shadow the pole casts.teaching-blanket

I have a child’s teaching blanket from Peru that has images of all the dangerous insects of the giant-chartarea woven onto it. The creatures carved on the pillars at Gobekli Tepe explain to travelers what to watch out for while spending the night up on the platform. There are bugs, snakes, all kinds of t13hings to worry about and protect yourself from.analemma2  Here’s what goes on up there. The (mound) platform faces exactly due east. The horizon is completely visible. At night it’s very dark, there is no fire or lights to dim your night vision, you set there wrapped in a blanket watching the band of zodiacal stars pass overhead and wait. And wait. The horizon begins turning golden, Birds start waking up and then all of a sudden it happens, the sun rises! We spring into action, quickly tracing the shadow just as the sun balances it’s ball on the horizon. String, Charcoal, lime, chalk, we use different things to make the marks. This shadow is our due East/West line and has arisen mid way of the platform. We captured it!

Adam’s Calendar, Africa. A great horizon.

When the pole line moves to center of the horizon (March twenty first, the spring equinox) we change our orientation to the pole by standing on the northern side of the platform facing south.

For the next year we will wake early every morning and draw the pole- shadow- mark just as the sun clears the horizon. The Sun rises a little bit more North each morning until one morning it stops June 21st, the summer solstice.

The sun rises but the shadow stays the same. It has not moved. Three mornings later the pole mark starts moving South again. After a year of these markings the sun lines begin repeating themselves

Fall arrives and the sunrise shadows are moving southerly down the horizon When the shadow arrives in the center again it lands on the equal or fall equinox line October 21, then continues rising southward each day. The mornings get colder, the sun, lower, then one morning the mark stops again. December 21st, winterimg_4279 solstice. Three days later the mark starts moving North. The sun’s yearly up and down the horizon goes on forever.


Here’s a back yard exercise to help determine true local noon. A short time before mid day, position a plumb bob in full sun, hanging from a stationary pole or other elevated support and hanging to within a couple of inches from the ground. Give the plumb bob a chance to
become completely stationary before Solar Noon arrives. At the moment of Solar Noon, trace the shadow the plumb bob casts on the ground. The line you trace runs exactly north and south.plumg-bob

On the mound top the pole plays the plumb bob role. As true noon approaches the shadow will stop growing shorter and start growing longer again. At that moment place a stone at the tip of the shadow. This shadow creates the north south line. If you make a dot every day at real noon you will form an Analemma on the ground.

Due to the difference between the Ecliptic and the Earth’s equator the upper portion of the Analemma is shorter and narrower than the lower half. A true figure eight design does not happen on the globe during this age. The stations of the sun in the sky give evidence for the day, week month and year… this makes it possible to arrange for the seasons. —

The water source is continuously measured. At the moment of sunrise the surface to water distance is taken. The phi proportion is taken from that measurement.. It is then taken to the mound worker who marks the pole at that height. Then that phi length of rope (from measuring the water table) is held to the base of the pole and across circle is drawn. This circle now has a center (the pole) and north south, east west lines. The circle is quartered.

In our sun sightings it takes a year for the shadows to begin repeating themselves. When the pole marks start around the second time it becomes a ritual. The Megalithic builders were RITE managers. Pilgrims who came after to use the monuments, came to witness the ritualized pattern of the sun.


(In time a cross piece was added to the pole which could be raised or lowered more easily. This image later became a symbol of crucifixion.)


Initially this geometry does not require elevation. This geometry is created at plains level and does not have to change until the horizon becomes altered. So the geometry of the mound was initially created on the ground and used on the ground as long as possible. In many areas Nature grows very fast, so rather than create a new mound in a new place they would elevate the old one. In places like Gobeki Tepe it was prudent to make platforms. Look closely at the pyramid and you see it sets on a megalithic foundation and striations of the different levels suggest that it was started then elevated then elevated and later again, then finished.


Tarot’s major arcana plate number one, YOD “The Magician” is standing behind a table with the Tarot symbols of the four elements on it. he is saying to searchspring-equinox-205x300 out the “Mean tables” of these four elements: fire, earth, air and water. these elements are viewed through cardinal, fixed, or mutable lenses.

Above the Magician’s head is the Analemma symbol. The Analemma is a visual diagram of the sun’s movements allowing us to create almanacs, tell time, keep calendars.

This card’s position begins the Yod quadrant, the Yod house, the Yod decanate. He signifies power, intelligence. This Magician is a cardinal fire sign whose symbol of profession is the rod and works in AIRES. He demonstrates the energy of MARS. His banner is I AM.

Aires celebrates the beginning of spring on the Sun’s Equinox, March 21st. If you are on the top of the mound you will see the sunrise in the direct center of the horizon. The sun will be on its journey north.ZODIAC


The Zodiac is a band of constellation stars circling continuously around the world. When you are on the mound at night this band is easy to see and follow. stars are continuously rising up over the horizon. The same horizon set by the limits of the sun’s yearly movement. As you watch the zodiac band passing overhead you will see groupings of stars, a space another grouping of stars, a break then anotherzodiac-calendar grouping of stars… continuously. The ancients began giving these groups names as they appeared.




Euclid’s Elements are the most beautiful and influential works of science in the history of humankind. He provided the first known written definition of what is called the golden section: “A straight line is said to have golden-meanbeen cut in extreme and mean ratio when, as the whole line is to the greater segment, so is the greater to the lesser.” Euclid explains a construction for sectioning a line “in extreme and mean ratio”, IE., the golden ratio. Throughout the Elements, (fire, earth, air, water) several propositions and their proofs employ the golden ratio. This is not as difficult as Euclid makes it sound. It is done by folding the string in special ways. This was done long before Euclid figured out the


The geometry of Gobekli Tepe belongs to the megalithic builders, it was then built upon by farmers.

I worry that when the people of Gobekli Tepe began storing grains and water, they would experience rats. Rats and fleas create an ideal conditions for plague. Plague would have made people want to bury the entire village.


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