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Giza, Egypt --- Twilight at Sphinx --- Image by © Jim Zuckerman/Corbis
Giza, Egypt — Twilight at Sphinx — Image by © Jim Zuckerman/Corbis

It is more than coincidence that the constellation Leo rises between the Sphinx’s paws. This happened 35,000 years ago and happened again 10,500 years ago. I believe The Paleolithic builders used the earlier date of rising to capture the constellation Leo in this way. It’s clear the Sphinx was around in flood conditions which the Pyramids were not.

As Astrologers know, the symbol for Leo is the sun. The Sphinx depicts the symbols of the fixed astrological signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Symbols: Bull, Lion Bird and Man. (This monument was the fixed anchor from witch surveyors circumnavigated the globe. This monument was the fixed anchor from which surveyor/navigators, circumnavigated the globe.

Probably twice.

Nazca plain
Easter Island

The first time when the planet was on an equal axis the Nephelim formed one line of sun-sites around the world at zero degrees latitude. This included Giza, Easter Island, Angkor Watt, and others. Their first inquisitive journey was made during a time of peace and prosperity.

Giza Pyramids


Mohenjo Daro

Nazca plains

The second survey expedition occurred after the planet had been struck (by what is controversial.) Mythology points us towards Lilith, the first of wife of Adam who went astray. Lilith was the ancient name given to our smaller moon. This smaller of the two moons had an erratic orbit which went astray merging not crashing into the Earth. This tilted Earth 30 degrees.

analemmaThe Monument builders used horizon astronomy/astrology to lay out the sun’s geometry by following the sun’s measurements (marking) for a year. This means going up the mound (or pre-mound) every morning and marking the rising sun’s shadow , capturing it at the moment it forms a ball on the horizon.

Adams Calendar Africa

After a year of drawing the shadow-lines you’ll come back to the beginning shadow. The lines begin overlapping.

As you watch the sun come up each morning, you’ll see it move North up the horizon from spring to summer then back down the horizon, southerly to fall and winter. After a year you’ll see the North and south solstice points and the center two equinoxes neatly drawn out on the ground.

Lake Jackson Mound
Sun’s rising position at the Lake Jackson Mound on the Winter Solstice.

Take a rope and tie it around the base of the pole and draw a circle transecting these lines. I’ll discuss how Phi was created from folding this rope in a later post.


There are four Analemma presenting on the mound platform (top of the mound.)These Analemma are caused by the earth’s wobbling rotation and were not there before the earth was struck. Here are two of them.

analemma matrix
Illustration: This is a years worth of markings

You place a pole in the center of the mound to use as a sighting and shadow capturing device. Each day at highest sun you observe the shadow on the ground and see it grow shorter when at the moment the shadow starts to grow longer, mark the tip with a stone. At the end of a year’s marks you will have formed an Analemma drawn by the stones. This is the first Analemma. Now, every day when you drop the stone for the ground Analemma you look up and visually mark the sun’s position in the sky. That’s the noon sky Analemma.


Illustration: Spring quarter with Yod He Vau Hee


cross quarter lines Illustration: These symbols joined up with numbers in the houses




In the morning just as the ball of the sun balances on the horizon, you draw the pole’s East West shadow, every morning of the year.

To see the morning Analemma mark the sun at a given time like 9AM. Hold firmly to this time marking the sun exactly at that time each day. At the end of the year you will have created an Eastern sunrise Analemma. In the evening repeat the same activity, and you will have created a western sunset Analemma. Each of these Analemma are worth noting. It is the noon Analemma marking and the morning sunrise markings which are most important at this level.


Illustration : June 21st. Summer Solstice No explanation of Preistess connection to the Summer Solstice.

Again after a year you will have marked the March 21 Spring Equinox, June 21 Summer solstice, December 21 winter solstice, the, the and the September 21 Fall Equinox.


When The sun goes down (and the) we cn observe the moon (comes up). (It uses the same horizon restraints that the sun uses.) We can observer the change in latitude of the moon as it rises on the horizon just like we observed the anual changes of the sun. It‘s position is a constant march up and down the horizon for both the sun and the moon. (At the end of this lecture) Later, you will see its easier to tell time by the moon than the sun, but you have to know where the sun is to know where the moon is going to be. We mark the sun monthly, and the moon nightly. However the moon is it’s own story.

Illustration : Dec. 21st. Winter Solstice

Constellation names both in the houses and the zodiac. this is divided into 30 degree segments

If you lay on the mound platform looking up you can quickly identify the zodiac, or the band of stars that continually circles overhead.

Not exactly. In Alaska, the zodiac is never overhead. The stars of the zodiac are near the earths equator limited by the range of motion of the planets. Other constllations exist outside the zodical belt.

As you watch it’s circle rise over the Eastern Horizon you note that every evening it is shifting its position.


Illustration : Oct.21st, Fall Equinox

The stars are looked at in groups as they come over the horizon. These groups march in endless succession in a very timely way.

At first we used symbols to represent the groups we see in the night sky.

Later we use descriptive names.


So lying on the evening mound watching this band of stars you would think that’s Aires coming up over the horizon. Two hour later another group comes up and we call it Taurus. All night long they never stop.

Se between watching the Sun come up every morning and the groups of named constellation come up it become easy to divide the horizon into segments also.

After the first year we know where the shortest and longest days are and find it’s easy to mark a center point on the horizon. The morning after the sun rises in the mid point it will be moving North toward the summer solstice. When it reaches the summer solstice it stops and come south. Keep in mind you are check your Noontime Analemma daily. As the Stars/Constellations of the Zodiac rises each evening it does so methodically.

To help us remember this we make notes on a card. This symbol means that they have performed this rite for a year and the sun is coming back around. They made the East West mark at sunrise of the Spring Equinox. The north south shadow at true local noon on that day. The sun moving to the north of this line is headed toward the day of the year when it is the highest at noon.. We will add marks when the sun reaches the solstice.


As we use symbols for the groupings of stars rising in a band we apply these same mark in thirty degree segments and call the mouses. Thus each night the zodiac can be seen moving through the houses from sunset to sunset.

On a dark night it’s easy to see the planets floating around free of these other star groupings. Say if you look straight up and recognize the grouping as say Aires, and you see a planet hanging in that thirty degree area, Astrologers say that that planet is amplifying the energy of the star cluster behind it. Symbols look like this. These symbols change from culture to culture, but the experience of observing from the mound top is exactly the same as it was for megalithic persons. This Geometry on the ground was used to construct towns and villages, maps, trails, monuments.

After you have made these observations for a while you will start using a short hand to describe what’s going on.

If we observe the sun coming up more north of the center of the horizon we will call that number one, or the first house. Thirty degrees later we call out the second house, then the third. The Sun stop comes right at the end of the third house. Then it begins rising south in the same house and we count what was the third house as number four. So five, six and were back to the fall equinox. The sun rises southerly in houses seven nine and ten then stops in the end of the tenth house. December 21 the shortest day of the year the winter solstice.. Above a certain latitude [what latitude, why] the sun‘s rising latitude doesn’t (rise) move for as long as three days. When it does rise it starts rising Northerly in what was the tenth house but is now the eleventh house. [no explanation of house in this discussion yet] At the end of the twelfth house travel it has returned to the Spring Equinox and is preparing to do it all over again.

The following ‘facts’ / ‘assumptions’ of numbers are are not directly realted to analemma or astrology but are part of a jewish kabalist perspective.

Each number has these quality’s: Fire, earth, air and water. Each number can be viewed as Cardinal fixed or mutable. All numbers can be reduced by adding one digit to the next until it resolves to a number less than nine.

Playing with these numbers is the best way of understanding the character of each one.

The first four number are special.

one=Yod, Cardinal,

two=He, fixed,

three=Vau, mutable

Four=Hee, effacing.

You will see number four mix down to number one. Number seven mixes down to four then one, as does ten.

You can think of numbers one, four, seven and ten as being Cardinal numbers.

Two, five, eight and eleven as fixed,

Three, six and nine are mutable


We are getting a little matrix here.


Illustration : elevated shrubbery

Illustration : Astrology symbols on the ceiling of Sphinx hallway

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