Early Tarot Origins 1


I am going to show, (beginning with skull size) that the Nephelim were the smartest folks on the planet both then and now. When they were evolving  the world was safe and plentiful, they had lots of time to develop  brain size and Huge thought capacity.  These were large, super smart giant-manpeople, up to 36′ tall, weighing up to a thousand pounds.  That understanding is a game changer.

You see today that as times get better our children get bigger.  These Nephelim  folks were gentle giants.  Evolution shows that as the world grew colder their size and shape were

While the Nephelim had lots of precious time they  created a basic giant-skull-2Geometry of the sun’s rising.  This simple line drawing knowledge served them well…they
committed it to memory and moved on from site to site.  In this geometry you can see the rudiments of the original Astrological markings.  When these first depictions appeared they formed as a square chart.
Later in the Nephelim diaspora north away from drought their knowledge mingled with the Sans Bushmen tribe of South Africa who were simultaneously fleeing north.
ews who had  been recently warring with the Assyrians, lost the battle and were driven south into Mesopotamia.
I believe it was the Sephardi Jews who came carrying Sumerian writing, Kabbalah mother-matrixmysticism and the Humanitarian YOD He Vau.
Here in this   Mesopotamian melting pot is where( and when) Nephelim geometry, Arabic numbers, Jewish alphabet and Phi merged into the symbolic tarot.  The Egyptians loved it.  The word Tarot stems from the Egyptian word for road. Later Latin for Rota.

giant-egyptian-paintingI think it was easiest for the Bushmen and Jews to exchange DNA.  I’m only imagining here, sex between a twenty five foot male and a five foot four inch Sans female would be very difficult.  A five foot four inch R0014526Bushman sexing a twenty foot Nephelim female is equally out of the questions.  I’m certain it happened but infrequently.

The Bushmen and remaining Nephelim joined up and left middle Asia to travel South down around Terra Del Fuego and up the Eastern coast to North America.  During the ice age water level was 400 feet lower than today.  It wasn’t easy but they did it.  These people left monuments created by this Geometry as they went along.  They are the only group which left South Africa leaving behind them a distinctive swell of mounds, cave-paintingtells, monuments etc.
We can still see the bases of these sites and grok their geometry.  No other group did that.

My point is:

Aboriginal  energy, megalithic geometry, Arabic numerology, and Jewish mysticism all married up in Mesopotamia.  The Sans and Nephelim left to circle the world.  The Jews they left behind had the knowledge, time and motive to add pictures to the cards.  That new style of Tarot circled around Asia and won a lot of support in Europe.  Meanwhile the working,cave-painting-2 traveling group was using it to establish a new world grid.
The Indians in our area have Jewish and aboriginal DNA.  We can see the Nephelim  largess in modern human frames and we have their skeletal remains. The Siberians and others swooped down from the North where they all met up. They seemed to have brought the Hodge Podge of Mesopotamia in to the Ohio Valley.cave-painting-3