“Michael, Jewish DNA is found early in South America and in the Creek Indians. It looks like the Jewish Haplo may have reached South America, walked up the East coast and turned in Westerly at Ponte Verde Beach ( Sanchez mound) and moved along the thirtieth parallel delivering MOUND GEOMETRY as they traveled toward the Ohio Valley, ie: Love, Jackson, Velda, Carson etc.
Mike, I think this Jewish tribe created the Sphinx as an initial marker then set out to circle the planet at that parallel. They were never lost but were on an extended surveying trip. When they returned to the Giza plateau they designed the Pyramids. Note that the Sphinx is made up of the four symbols of the fixed signs of the Zodiac and is much older that the Pyramids. The Sphinx has severe water damage caused by successive glaciations, The Pyramids, not so much. The 21st Tarot card pictures the completion of this event.”

Comment on the Thirtieth Parallel