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“Michael, Jewish DNA is found early in South America and in the Creek Indians. It looks like the Jewish Haplo may have reached South America, walked up the East coast and turned in Westerly at Ponte Verde Beach ( Sanchez mound) and moved along the thirtieth parallel delivering MOUND GEOMETRY as they traveled toward the Ohio Valley, ie: Love, Jackson, Velda, Carson etc.
Mike, I think this Jewish tribe created the Sphinx as an initial marker then set out to circle the planet at that parallel. They were never lost but were on an extended surveying trip. When they returned to the Giza plateau they designed the Pyramids. Note that the Sphinx is made up of the four symbols of the fixed signs of the Zodiac and is much older that the Pyramids. The Sphinx has severe water damage caused by successive glaciations, The Pyramids, not so much. The 21st Tarot card pictures the completion of this event.”

Comment on the Thirtieth Parallel

The Magician

The MagicianTarot’s major arcana plate number one, YOD “The Magician” is standing behind a table with the Tarot symbols of the four elements on it. he is saying to search out the “Mean tables” of these four elements: fire, earth, air and water. these elements are viewed through cardinal, fixed, or mutable lenses.

Above the Magician’s head is the analema symbol. The analema is a visual diagram of the sun’s movements allowing us to create almanacs, tell time, keep calendars.

This card’s position begins the Yod quadrant, the Yod house, the Yod decanate. He signifies power, intelligence, outgoingness. This Magician is a cardinal fire sign whose symbol of profession is the rod and works in AIRIES. He demonstrates the energy of MARS. His banner is I AM.

AnalemmaAires celebrates the beginning of spring on the Sun’s Equinox, March 21st. If you are on the top of the mound you will see the sunrise in the direct center of the horizon. The sun will be on its journey north.


Degrees to Distance Calculations

“The distances vary. A degree, minute or second of latitude remains fairly constant from the equator to the poles; however a degree, minute, or second of longitude can vary greatly as one approaches the poles (because of the convergence of the meridians). At 38 degrees North latitude, one degree of latitude equals approximately 364,000 ft (69 miles), one minute equals 6068 ft (1.15 miles), one-second equals 101 ft; one-degree of longitude equals 288,200 ft (54.6 miles), one minute equals 4800 ft (0.91 mile), and one second equals 80 ft.”


The Thirtieth Parallel

The Moving Finger

The 21st Tarot card the “world card” is pictured as the earth- planet surrounded by a chain. The chain is a surveyors tool of measurement as is the rod. This 21st, and final, Tarot card teaches that some Ancient people surveyed the planet. They did this by creating Earthworks along the 30th parallel.


Here in Tallahassee our Beacon mounds are in a straight North/South line. Lake Jackson (30.50 N — 84.22 W) connects in a straight line to the Letchworth/Love mound East of here (30.51 N) — 83.99W and to the Velda mound( 30.50 N — 84.22W). Dr. Pastor E.E. Calloway told me the Smithsonian Institute came to Blounstown and documented a wooden pyramid base just south of the Blounstown bridge (30.44° N, 85.04° W). These artifacts are all in a direct line with the Plateau of Giza (Latitude 29.97). I want to focus on the Beacon Mounds.


These sighting spaces did not begin as mounds. The sites were chosen because they had a good view of the horizon. As the forests grew and the horizon disappeared, they added elevation enough to see the horizon again.

Examples of How the Mound Poles Evolved into Church Steeples With Time-Telling Capabilities:

steeple 4
How this captures the function of the mound, casting shadows.

There is a large clock below a church steeple in almost every town in America. These timepieces are not made in the towns they are found in. When a clock became necessary they brought in professionals to install it.
This is also how most Mounds arrived.