Hu-man as Virus

I woke up with some thoughts on the HU-virus.
My model shows quite clearly that this virus emerged from the warm estuaries of Franklin County, Florida, and found sanctuary in the deep ravines just north of there in Bristol Florida.

In Bristol, there are many deep ravines which to this day maintain the highest biodiversity on earth. The virus blew north and settled in the ravines, each gully with its own pure spring, and temperature which remained constant all year.

Springs from these deep (gorgeous) valleys flow into one larger stream which still flows into a large river with four tributary heads.

In Bristol, the disease grew strong and virulent. Environmental conditions changed and the virus began to move slowly at first then faster and faster until it surrounded the planet.

Herd immunity spared small groups. One of the smallest and oldest “hot spots” survived on the east coast of Florida around St Augustine.
After almost having practically died out and having passed through many centuries it returned home in a savage way.

Humans are still a strong virulent group of cells that create lots of planarity devastation where ever they’re found.

Hu virus doesn’t do well in extreme heat or cold. It seems to do well south of the moraines.

This virus settled in Asia where it regrouped before starting to repatriate the planet.

Its history makes it appear to have started elsewhere and come here but careful analysis shows otherwise.

A New Idea

Please let me synopticate my path.

I was on the Wakulla county dig that unearthed the Simpson point at 14,500 depth. We moved to the spring and uncovered a mastodon skeleton.
I’m working on the Letchworth/love mound in Monticello now. I’m a poet, not an Archeologist and I’m sure you know what that entails. Dr. Jim Dunbar led the Wakulla site and was very kind to let me join in.
When I began my study of ancient history I had no pre-conceptions other than Columbus probably didn’t discover America.
Poetically I moved from a 30,000’ view to 60,000’ and it helped. From up here, it seems clear that those groups of humans who flocked into North America from the north had been waiting for a land path to clear for them so they could come back home.
A small book by EE Calloway from Bristol Florida called “the Garden of Eden”. I interviewed this elegant man at his home in Bristol. Author Calloway told me why he knew the garden was in Bristol. I set out to see how that could be. I now know he was right.

I’m an 80-year-old Caucasian male person sitting at the base of Letchworth mound in the chilly morning air, typing with two thumbs on a tiny screen that disappears when the sun hits it, so…
Check to google earth and see the ancient underwater Bimini highway passes right by the door.
This is to harsh so let me blurt out that man emerged from the estuary in Franklin County Florida. There was a disengagement of tectonic plates separating landmasses. Folks here suffered and survived in the most basic and diminished way. They maintained a presence at the Sanchez site in Jacksonville Florida. They suffered because of lack of melanin, radiation poisoning, and unsutured sculls.
Africa drifted slowly away. They dispersed with memories of their origin and were returning home at the first opportunity.
For, other than coming home, there really wasn’t any place better than the other.
These folks found a path down the west coast and came home. They were late getting here.

On the west coast of Africa (the Congo area that broke off)
found an opportunity from the west coast past st Helena’s island onto Brazil. Probably used a large wooden raft. They regrouped and moved over the Cuban land bridge up the east coast to the iguana river where they joined up with the tiny devastated group who had been stationed there to guide them home. After regrouping again they turned east on the 30th parallel to what is now tower mound in st marks FL. At st marks scouts told them the parallel ended up in the gulf so they turned directly north and ended up here long before this mound was built.
As this early morning mist settles over the ground I’m seeing a hundred or more depressions where folks stayed. This was a megachurch.

Elvy asked me if I thought a ship would lift up then set down in the same spot after a forty days flood? No way. He had figured it out. The prevalent wind took the ark from here to there.
The sun is topping the mound now, I’m losing the screen.
Thanks for what you do.


The Sanchez was far more than a sighting or burial mound.

Sanchez Mound was a station to help survivors find their way back home. It exists on the torn continental coastline of Northern Florida, Southern Georgia, it centers in a beautiful, natural space called Ponte Verde, Florida.

Remember at this time there was just one group of humans who had not only surveyed the planet once but had constructed Artifacts around the Earth all based on the same universal geometry.  When the earth was struck these megalithic Artifacts were knocked over, strewn around and jacked up to the thirtieth parallel where their remains can be seen today. This was the advent of the tropic of Capricorn and Cancer.

Tropic of Capricorn and cancer

The Sanchez and Fire-Tower mounds inhabitants hosted the very earliest Human migration. Some West Africans used wind and ocean currents to find their ways from West Africa to Brazil, and then up through the Cuban straights (water levels were very low)  to Miami where they paused for sustenance and direction  creating the Miami Circle  then moving on up to Ponte Verde,  by now they were a family group  returning home.


When the groups arrived at Sanchez, they spent a moment resting then  moved inland.  It appears once they established Tower Mound, they walked due North and started a new line of stronger statements as they continued towards the Plains: Letchworth/Love, Lake Jackson, Velda, Yon, Cayson, all on the same parallel with, where possible, paths between them.

A lot later, as the ice caps dissipated, pilgrims waiting in Siberia began following the herds across Beringia and moving South

Once these groups reached what would later become Maximum glacial moraines or the southern reach of the glacier, they joined with others continuing along the thirtieth parallel to where their remembered stories told them they should be. This feeling of returning home still creates a cultural movement.Image result for image of glacial moraines

When we ask our Indian communities where they came from, they say “We have always been here.” These early people were big, light-skinned healthy humans. They were the people who later became Indians and kept the dream of unification alive while waiting at their post for those who could and did, later return

By the way, there were no “Red” people.

Tribes on the West of Africa are still by far the largest and most athletic groups, and many of them have straight black hair. The Hebrew genes seem to have been the initial set we inherited.

Image result for mongolia

Mongolians have straight black hair, they came over the top and down the west coast, but the straight black hair we are looking at is not Mongolian. The Olmecs are an instance of straight black hair coming through Beringia then flowing down the West coast.

The San Tribe or Bushmen are tall, athletic and have very kinky hair. These groups coming from the southern Latitudes had deep brown eyes.  These Bushmen settled around the coast to Australia.  There are lots of places to trace their DNA.  The Africans returning through the West coast, really only had St. Helenas Island to drop any DNA, then it was water all the way to Brazil.

The Indians in this area will be tall, swarthy-white, have straight black hair, dark brown eyes, and Hebrew(white), African (black) genes.

The “men of old” did survey the globe one more time.

Thank them that we are here.

Lost in deep woods


Quick notes:

I was so intensely studying the ground that I wandered off the reservation… the boundaries of State-owned land. Through my wandering (totally lost) off the Letchworth Indian Mound site for several hours I met the land-owning stranger who turned out to be a wonderful person, he gave me water and offered to take me back to the Letchworth mound.

While standing by his truck looking South down the rolling horse pasture, he mentioned that he and neighbors found very few artifacts and no arrowheads. In five hours of lost crisscrossing the area, I found two snail shells, no debitage the owner said his neighbor found one spear point over the years.

Then (Scott) told me There was no chert on his seventy-five acres except for over there (pointing down the hill) I’ve found many small pieces of flint.

The presence of many small pieces of flint suggests this could have been the village sharpening post.
Many of us that have tried knapping realize its an acquired skill which many people aren’t up to. You can talk the talk but walking the walk sometimes mashes your fingers and makes you want to pay someone who knows how to do it.

The absence of large flakes suggests that the tools may not have been made there but could have been brought there for sharpening. Ex: A six-inch blade breaks in half. two arrow points can be re-knapped from the knife when a tip breaks off the arrow point it can be retouched into a scrapper. A lot of small pieces suggest a lot of retouching and sharping, the smaller the pieces demonstrate a deepened caring for a particular lithic piece.

About Flint arrowheads: They were proceeded many years before by hunters simply sharpening sticks and hardening them in the fire to make arrows or spears.

A further investigation may help Archeologists determine the size and texture of the village.
Add to that, Lake Miccosukee may be a Paleo Pond.

So, If you are the person who returned me to the Letchworth mound site I am deeply grateful.
When deeply lost I asked Siri “where am I?” She gave me this address.
If this is being sent to the wrong address please know you have one heck of a good neighbor. His name is Scott, I hope to meet him again.

PaleoIndian Mound Orientation

Ancients had stargazing down,

Posted by KA Report on Thursday, October 10, 2019

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